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Why The Best Event Planners Use A Video Production Company Who Uses Vmix For Their Virtual Event.

What is vMix

All the fun and excitement that comes from in-person events can be showcased virtually and we at Transcendent Enterprise make that our promise. What is vMix? Through vMIX, a live video production software, we make your event look more engaging, higher end, clean-cut and professional. We have mastered the art of creating virtual event whether live or not. Vmix gives the ability to have “floating windows” which allow you to place or manipulate the virtual call image. This gives the freedom to design your “zoom call” in any way you want. You have full control of what you want to show, with zoom you do not have that ability. Through vMIX users are allowed to switch inputs, mix audio, record output, and livestream cameras, video files, audio all in resolutions up to 4k. We are able to perform all those tasks for you virtually anywhere.

The key to streaming great content is finding content to keep viewers intrigued. That is always the goal of any video but what makes live content special is that you get to see in realtime who is actually interested in your content by the number of views and interaction. So yes, anyone can livestream content especially now with the many social sites we have that enable that feature but the question is whether your content will look or sounds great. Will it match your prestige or brand? Also, will the people in the stream be showcased well with no technical issues? The answer to those questions all depends on the site or software you use but to eliminate any room for errors hiring a video production company that can handle every aspect of the stream is ideal.

How can event planners manage a video production company who uses vMix?

  1. Understand your audience can they adjust well to a tech change?
  2. Rehearsal is Mandatory!
  3. Collect footage right away and upload. This is the fastest way to deliver after the event is over.

For example, let say you have a panel discussion that consists of four people all in different locations. What will be the best way to showcase this professionally to your audience? With vMIX you have the feature that allows you to steam multiple people into one viewable link. Each person in the stream will receive a unique link to login. That unique link is special for each person as it determines where they will be placed on the stream and is also specific to that individual because it can be set up to showcase their name and title under their video once they login. All that and more can be handled virtually by the video production company you hire.

vMix Reel

How do you make your video standout amongst others, what makes vMIX a great choice when it comes to the look and style? At Transcendent Enterprise, we always make sure our client’s video connects with their branding. When viewing their videos, it’s our goal that their audience get a feel of who they are as an organization, company, university or college and that all comes from branding and style. The first step as a video production company is to run through templates with the client for approval. On vMIX you are given the option to add and create artwork and backgrounds to your video. They can be specific to the topic that’s being discussed or if it’s a running series can be used as a staple on each video in the series. The video can open and end with that branding.  Having a video production company for this part is super beneficial because they have editors and animators that can make your artwork and background from scratch and make it stand out more among your competitors.

So whether it’s a panel discussion, presentation, or event Transcendent Enterprise is there to help make the process more seedless so that you and your audience can fully see the essence of your project.

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