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Video Marketing is essential in 2023

Ultimate List of Video Marketing Benchmarks in 2023

Video marketing data is super important, especially when you consider how quickly marketing trends change and evolve. Vidyard compiled data across studies to create in-depth article breaking down how companies can use marketing data to create the best promotional video content possible. As corporate videographers in New York City, Transcendent pulled out the most important stats for you to know in 2023.

Top Video Marketing Trends

In 2023, all industries utilize video marketing. However, tech, media, entertainment, and publishing companies are the most likely to take advantage of promotional video content. Larger media and entertainment companies are known to put out as many as 797 videos per year. This shows that businesses see the power of creating high quality professional video. Not only pre-recorded video, but there has also been a rise in using live stream services in NYC.

Where Do You Upload Video Marketing Content?

Choosing where you upload your content is just as important as the video itself. Social media is the most obvious place to upload, but companies have also found success putting out promotional video, on their website, in marketing email blasts, or even in one-on-one conversations with clients.

Ways to distribute video marketing content
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Videos Are Getting Shorter

The biggest trend in marketing is short video length. 34% of all corporate video content is less than 60 seconds long. Consumers are moving quickly and it’s difficult to grab people’s attention. Creating quick and engaging content is vital for success.

Short videos are also shown to increase viewer engagement. This is especially true for videos that include links or other CTAs. Companies can maximize this engagement by including the most important information at the beginning of the video.

Original Article Source Credits:  Vidyard, https://www.vidyard.com/

Article Written By: Erin Ellis

Original Article Posted on:  April 5, 2021

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