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Top 4 Video Marketing Stats That Matter To Businesses

Vidyard’s article compiled the top video statistics that matter to businesses. Everything from using video for sales calls and virtual conferences, to video marketing trends for social media. Below are 4 statistics you need to know to expand your business and build brand awareness.

1. Using Video For Sale Increases Responses by 70%

Sales representatives across industries have found that response rates increase by 70% when using video marketing. Promotional videos like testimonials and event highlight videos show consumers exactly what your business has to offer.

Video Marketing and Promotional Video are Effective Ways to Expand Your Brand
Video Marketing and Promotional Video are Effective Ways to Expand Your Brand

2. 86% of Businesses Use Video Marketing

Technology and industry are always evolving. Professional video marketing is one way that businesses are able to stay current and on trend, which is why 86% of businesses utilize video content. It also lets brands communicate directly with their audience to find out what they want to see.

3. 51.7% of Internet Users Say Video is Why They Go Online

Most of us can agree that we spend a lot of our time online, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. 51.7% of people on the internet report that the main reason they go online is to watch videos. This is especially true of social media video and stinger videos because they are often less than 60 seconds and easy to watch.

4. You Are 53x More Likely to be on Google’s Front Page if You Use Video Marketing

When there are so many different choices online, it can be difficult to catch customer’s eye. Using strategies like making promotional video can increase your chances of making it onto the first page of Google. Consumers are less likely to go onto the second page of search engine results, so staying close to the top is very important.

Original Article Source Credits:   Vidyard , https://www.vidyard.com/

Article Written By: Alanna Gurr

Original Article Posted on:  March 23, 2021

Link to Original Article:  https://www.vidyard.com/blog/sales-and-marketing-stats/


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