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Top 3 Things To Remember When Preparing Yourself For A Live Zoom Broadcast Presentation

With the sudden boom of virtual events, many who are used to speaking in front of people live and in person are suddenly faced with the reality that they must now talk to a camera from their own homes. So, this poses the question: how do I set myself, and my living space, up to be broadcasted for a live, professional event?

Here are some key things to remember when preparing yourself for such event:

  1. Best Way to light yourself for Zoom

Lighting is important for making sure you are the main focus during your speaking portion of the event, and can even set the right mood for you. Try, if possible, to record during the day and that you are towards a window. Make sure to have a clean background behind you and that you are contrasting against it. It is easy to be contrasted by wearing something that pops, or just a different colored shirt compared to your background.

It is also crucial that you just have one source of light in your video. When using a phone or computer camera, the device automatically sets the white balance while filming. White balance helps stabilize color as your film, and helps prevent the subject (you) from looking washed out or grey. If there are multiple light sources, the camera’s white balance can get thrown out of whack, and can make you look yellow, grey, or even completely white washed. It may even cause your video to have oversaturated portions, causing sections to look super bright and super shadowed.

Try to use incandescent lights, not fluorescent, if possible. If not, at least make sure all of the bulbs are the same so that the lighting and white balance is consistent.

  1. Best Way to Capture your Sound for Zoom

The easiest way to get the best audio for your presentation is to use headphones. Headphones with mics attached are the best, or even the headphones/earbuds that came with your cell phone are okay to use. It’s important that you are in a quiet room with no white noise or background sounds coming in.

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  1. Best way to have the best quality in zoom

Having the fastest speed, and best overall internet connection is the greatest way to attend any virtual event. Make sure you are sitting close to your internet/WiFi router (we would recommend at least within a 10 foot distance).

To check your internet speed, go to google.com and type “speed test” into the search bar. Click “run speed test”. It will then show you your download speed, as well as your upload speed.

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Ideally, you would want to be at least 10 mbps down and 5 mbps up. If your internet is at least 5 mbps down and 1 mbps up, that is okay too.
The best is having double digits both in download, and upload speed. These numbrs are what allows you to stream your video consistently without lag or delay.

Staying professional over the computer can be tricky, but by remembering these three things, your audio and video will feel as if you are speaking in person. They are a great way to make your background match the mood and energy of your talking points.

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