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Produce A Professional Virtual Event With Panels For Your BRAND, Examples Of Great Lives-Stream

If you want to produce a professional looking virtual event panel that can hold over 500 guest,for example when ESPN or CNN does this.


Why would you want a virtual event panel?

You can create a virtual event panel like this from your home with the right software set up. You can use your phone as a camera if you want. If you need some options for cameras and other equipment here are some options.

Are you involved with high stakes holders and would like to offer more value?

Do you have a audience greater than 500 people?

Using live software is great for executing a high end virtual event, podcast show, product reveal and or townhall. 

I’m going to break down some examples of virtual events to get your creative juices flowing. 

That is now possible with update live streaming platforms like obs, ecamm, and streamyard.

In this article I will talk about the concept rather than go into the technicalities of this. Here are some links to learn about the software. My recommendation for mac is ecamm, and for PC is OBS. 

Ecamm (Our Recommendation)

Stream Yard


Currently I see a lot of professional companies producing zoom streams, and IG Lives where they are not maximizing their efforts. This is a time you can take advantage of the COVID quarantine to produce some high quality virtual interviews and panels besides using zoom or IG LIVE.

I want to show some examples of who is doing it right and show you behind the scenes of why they are successful.

Tea With GaryVee

Super business marketing entrepreneur GaryVee host a podcast/interviews with his audience by prompting them to call in and he sets them up to do a public fireside chat interview for his audience.

Their crew uses streamyard and it is integrated with skype and that allows them to have GaryVee use his cell phone at home to conduct a studio looking live stream to thousands of people per morning. The best part and why this is important is because they have the show stream to linkedin, twitter, youtube, facebook and IGLive. 

The show starts out with an intro, meaning you can drop video in the feed anytime. Notice how they have comments drop in, there is an interaction with the audiences on all the platforms, his tech expert dustinnotjustin is coordinating the interviews in the background and communicating with Gary to bring the guest in. You can take advantage of branding your stream with your logos just how teamgaryvee of vaynermedia does. You can go from full screen to split screen with your guest and add up to 5 guests on one show.  The best thing is that when this is done, the content is up on all the platforms to be viewed later.

Adobe Video LIvestream Series

The next professional virtual live-stream example I would like to share is adobe live-stream. Adobe is using these streams to show real life professionals who use their software and explain techniques they implement. This engages their potential customers to understand adobe software to the next level. 

What makes this live-stream very professional is they start with a brief standby screen which helps you prepare your first shot, helps the software acclimate to the internet speed, as well as brief your audience. They keep a cool border representing the colors of their brand. The video switches between one person on screen to power point slides, to split screen of 2 people 

You can obviously run a private event like this if you want the look for branding but don’t want to expose it to the public. You can run a stream like this for more than 2 hours. 

This results to a lot of brand awareness. Does your company have a product that they need to reveal and covid messed up your plans? Call for us to set this up for you email you audience on your reveal and we can produce a high quality video for you to use. Do you run a 500 plus person organization and need to coordinate a townhall for you to communicate with your team worldwide?

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