Testimonial Video Production

Transcendent Enterprise is a video production company that specializes in Testimonial Video Production. Testimonial videos are great at capturing your company's spirit, brand/product and talent from within you, your employees and clients.

They are a great marketing tool. We want to hear from the people on the inside of the company and from clients who actually use your brand/product. That insight gives viewers the privilege to see how your product or service improves real customers’ lives. It goes a long way with helping consumers make a decision about choosing you over your competitors. Think about something you recently purchased or thought about purchasing. Did you look through the customer reviews before making a decision? Most likely you did and that’s one of the main reasons why video testimonials are important. Although written testimonials can be a good asset, videos help to create an emotional connection with the viewers. People are also more likely to share a video than written information.

It all depends on the route you want to take but it's really simple. If you want a testimony about your business itself, then your employees will step up to the plate and tell viewers why your company is the best at what you do. They will elaborate on who you are and the services you provide. They will ultimately give viewers an organic glimpse of what it's like working at your company. For insight on a product you provide, you will seek a satisfied customer for the testimonial video. It’s best to develop open-ended questions as it will give a natural feel to the conversation, and allow your customers to talk about what really matters to them.

Transcendent Enterprise is very experienced with creating Testimonial Videos. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask how you can receive one of the most effective pieces in modern marketing.

Here are some great examples of Testimonial Videos!

N26 Company Testimonial Video:

We were tasked to capture the company's spirit, brand/product and talent from within N26. We filmed and edited this piece in an informal style to keep it fun and upbeat. Our goal was to share who and what N26 is. This video is one of three employee testimonial videos we filmed and each told a different story from their own individual perspectives to ultamielty capture a well rounded look into N26 from different angles. This was a two camera set-up for the interview and we had a third camera that roamed to capture b-roll.

Facebook D.C. Testimonial Video:

The highlight of this video was to show viewers that "Courage" means to the people behind Facebook! This testimonial video is one of many that we filmed that showcased the women at Facebook and the environment that they work in. We wanted to capture the full essence of what it’s like working at Facebook so we cartured b-roll of the team in action and some day-to-day operations.This was a two camera set-up for the interview and we had a third camera that roamed to capture b-roll.


We filmed this customer testimonial video for EVE LOM’s new Gel Blom Cleanser. In this video we had four satisfied customers who used the product and loved the results. Our goal was to capture a clean-cut and elegant video that mimicked the brand of EVE LOM. The lighting and camera angles were all purposeful to ensure we captured the feel and ease of using their new product.