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Transcendent Enterprise is a video production company producing Non-Profits Videos. Our clients' productions are seamless and the content we produce transcends their expectations.

Nonprofit organizations strengthen communities by providing education, health, and social services to citizens. Operating one is a worthy goal and comes with much responsibility. Of those responsibilities, the main one is garnering support as they all rely on donations to keep going. So non-Profit video plays a huge part in that responsibility. Videos build awareness, advocate for the particular cause, educate others on important issues, and create momentum for fundraising. As videographers, we understand the level of dedication that’s provided to the people the organizations serve so we take pride in providing content that elevates that dedication.

Transcendent enterprise has helped raised millions of dollars with clients by creating content since 2004 with nonprofits. We have worked with universities to obtain grants, non-profits to push and market their causes. Its is pivotal to speak to your cause emotionally, we can craft the language and match it with the music

Nonprofits are now shifting their content strategy with the impact of cover-19 buy creating more live streams, and remote content to communicate to their potential donors. Transcendent can help craft a story for you to reach those donors with the right message and enthusiasm to give. Here is a video we did with PSOT - Program for Survivors of Torture to help raise funds during the time of covid.


A Great Example of how a Non profit can create a Virtual Fundraiser!

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