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The modern corporate conference event should feature the latest video production services. Transcendent is made to create videos for conferences.

We offer live streams, same day edit, video delivery, photo delivery, and professional recap video services. We can also provide photography for your conference. We also help produce videos for conferences to play at the event as well as use video as event decor.

A conference can take advantage of video services by promoting live streaming and video content to its attendees.

Offering live-streaming adds to your brand. Event planners can feel insecure about offering live-streaming services but it is always better to be at the conference in person. Live-stream gives the ability to offer an overflow room, and that enables you to play the conference events in multiple areas of the venue.

Transcendent takes the extra step in our live event production to make sure your brand looks good. We make sure your conference looks full, and exciting. We provide suggestions with lighting and decor to make sure your conference looks good on video.

We have a no frills approach to giving you a transparent service if you need the raw footage to edit on your own, or for a speedy response we can provide those services.

The benefit of a recap video is the ability to use on social media. We understand all video formats for social media and can provide that same day edit services if needed.

Videos can be used to market the conference to have more attendees than they had in the previous conference. Creating the best recap video and marketing through posting on youtube with the right tags, setting up paid ads on facebook or instagram, can boost conference profitability. This is what makes video the right investment.

Transcendent produces remote virtual conferences. This consists of hosting a high-end video in a platform like or whova We can work with you to organize your content, produce remote live panels, keynotes, and fireside chats. We understand you have a brand that you get translate in zoom and this is where we use software like vMix to run your conference for your webcast or Livestream.

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For NYCMEDIA Lab we produce a virtual conference using vmix to create a premium virtual production where we can control and customize the look. This gives a a lot more features compared to zoom. We can add music, insert videos, we can make it look like a tv show. All panelist are currently participating from their homes. This video was embededed to youtube and broadcasted to whova for attendees to see inside the platform. 

Mobile Content Recap United Nations Event

United Nations General Assembly conference held every year in new york city host the world leaders to speak on world issues. Facebook partnered with the United Nations to create a pop studio for world leaders to broadcast themselves world wide to show the support for their nations. Transcendent designed and operated the studio of which documented the world leaders. We made IG Live videos, and other social media videos to put up at real time. We were posting to the United Nations Instagram account during the conference. At these moments you need a video production company that knows how to make world leaders feel comfortable. The rate for a project of this magnitude ranges from $15000 - $30000.

Ted Talk Style NYU Trailblazer Series with Elise Capella
Peers in School : The Good, The Bad

NYU hosts a ted like talk to give admitted students a preview of what the classroom looks like. We recorded this video similar to Ted Talks with a 2 camera set up, with the sound connected to the sound board. We recorded B roll with a 3rd camera to create a dynamic recap video. This illustrate the usual conference video with a presentation and incorporating Power Point Slides. A 1 day shoot full day with editing for this type of video can cost from $3500 to $5000. Cost factors can be if we are recording 4k video, how many cameras are used, if we are connecting the cameras to a projector or monitor, and how fast we need to turn around the video.

Future Office Recap

This conference recap video was taken in one day. Our format is to gather dynamic shots and mixed them with interviews. When working with the production company its best to give the video production company a shot list, and questions to gather content that promotes your conference well. A video like this can cost $3,500.

Concert Recap Video

We recorded a concert in Harlem New York at the Africa Center. The Africana Salon fuses jazz and african music to spread the diaspora. We created a recap video of the concert video to help promote the music, culture and band on social media.

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