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Transcendent Enterprise is very experienced in live streaming. We have been webcasting since 2011. We have serviced concerts that streamed to half a million people, and have webcasted classes to hundreds of people. Live-streaming gives the ability to send your experience all over the world. It’s best to use when you have a limited space in a venue, or if you need an over flow room.

Live Streaming Services NYC

Livestream capabilities are endless, I would be honest and say, overall it doesn’t beat the live experience, but it can come close, and there are instances if you plan well that it can be better in some aspects. How? You can host a virtual event, such as a virtual conference or virtual summit. You can livestream content and it can have a transparent interaction between your audience with questions and answers with a chat box feature. During the Covid19 pandemic experience Transcendent Enterprise a nyc video production company live streamed funerals unfortunately. We were happy that we helped a lot of families connect with out the risk of them catching Covid19.

Live Streaming Services NYC

How should I use live-streaming for my virtual event and what are the cost?

It really depends on your imagination, budget capacity, and the skills of your tech team. Thats where you will reach out to us and we can advise what is best. A live stream can be affordable like a live stream for a funeral can start at $600 for 1 camera with 1 hour of streaming. It can cost 5k plus a day for a fully deployed team to run a multi-camera stream with interacting web tools for a bigger event.

Corporate Video Production Company NYC

What do I need to keep in mind while preparing for my virtual event?

Is there internet at the venue, how is the ambiance in the space where you will be filming? Depending on your event, you do not need to record that is camera ready not the whole space.

For example, you can just have a creative director to create a set in any space, and you are ready to go. Your key players should be an AV team that runs your sound, lights and powerpoint, your film team, and your live streaming team. Transcendent can provide and manage all of those aspects.

Corporate Video Production Company NYC

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