About Transcendent Enterprise


Live Streaming Video & Corporate Video Production Company in NYC

Transcendent Enterprise is a video production company that specializes in corporate content creation, pre-production, 4k production, editing, live streaming and photography for clients in a variety of different industries and fields of work. Some of our most notable clients include NYU, Facebook, Mount Sinai, and Columbia University. So whether its an event, conference, performance, testimonial, promotional content, original content, product, scripted/unscripted content, or a spur of the moment piece that you'll need to be captured on the video we are there with you every step of the way. We care that you achieve your ideal vision, no matter the scale. At the heart of any great product is great storytelling, and capturing the ideal narrative for how it's told to keep viewers intrigued. The team at Transcendent has not only mastered that ideal but has the passion to back it up. We are a team of innovators, creators, and trailblazers that are destined to keep people entertained. We are genuinely excited by the idea that the projects we create together help our clients' companies or businesses grow, expand, and see greater success because of our collaboration. Our clients' productions are seamless and the content we produce transcends their expectations.

Centrally located in the Flatiron District, in New York City Midtown, we have quicker access to produce video in New York City than our competitors. Transcendent Enterprise video production company also produce video in the tri-state area, or the 5 boroughs, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We also completed production nationally and internationally. Basically we will go anywhere to create a video for you.

Our clients choose us because we are young experienced millennials with over 20 years in video production. We’re constantly looking at new trends and updating our work and equipment to enhance our client’s needs. Our diverse team helps to add a unique cultural perspective to every project we’re given. Since we own our own equipment, we’re always ready to get the ball rolling at any given moment. Located in the heart of the big apple, NYC, we embody that great worth ethic with a splash of character! We believe in being transcendent because the fact is that things are always changing and our motto that we live and breathe is that we want to help them change for the better.

We value a strong work ethic, enjoyment of learning, and the excitement of communicating with our clients in order to produce an environment that fosters the creativity, and openness essential to achieving their ideal vision. We aspire to transcend our clients hopes for their promotional endeavors, inspire them beyond what they thought imaginable, and surpass even their most seemingly unachievable dreams for their company! Woo!

We love what we do. The idea of being able to capture a moment in time through the lens of a camera is a feeling that can’t be explained through words but is an excitement we feel everyday. We are constantly learning something new and meeting people from all walks of life. Long days are common but are fulfilling and filled with purpose. The fact that the main purpose of our job is to engage, entertain and inspire others is lovable on its own, the other fact that we get free food is simple a bonus!