Adapt to Change by Hiring our Live Streaming Services in New York, NY

COVID-19 turned our lives around and boosted the popularity of live streams. Though regular corporate and promotional video is effective, our live streaming services can create an optimal space for authentic interaction in real time. At Transcendent Enterprise, we’ll give you the ability to reach audiences all over the world! Our wide range of live stream services include hosting a virtual event, multi-camera zoom stream, producing a virtual conference, broadcasting a corporate interview on zoom, or creating a hybrid event by bringing in virtual
panelists. Alongside our customers, we have live streamed events, concerts, and performances to audiences as large as half a million. Just set a time and place, and we’ll be there with the necessary equipment. Let everyone get the live experience while keeping your employees and customers safe.

Streaming and Webcasting will Give Your Business a Boost

We Keep It Simple

What you can accomplish on live streaming depends on your objectives, budget, imagination, and the skill of your tech team. At Transcendent Enterprise, we can advise you and show you all the possibilities. Streaming platforms are extremely flexible; therefore, we can keep it simple using just one camera or create a more elaborate live stream using a full team, multiple cameras, and interactive web tools to talk to your audience.

Focus on the Things That Matter

We’ll Take Care of Everything Else

Our live streaming services allow you to send your message to the world without having to go too far. Depending on your event, you don’t even need to prepare or decorate a whole room. Our creative director can create a set anywhere, and the rest of our team will be ready to set up the lights, sound, and any multimedia elements if needed. Our team in New York, NY, can manage every aspect to allow you to focus on your presentation and nothing else.