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Live Streaming using VMix creates professional presentations from anywhere

How Your Office Can Become a Professional Multi-Cam Live Stream Studio

The popularity of live streams and webcast video production has skyrocketed since 2020. Companies and industry professionals have turned destination conferences into online live stream events that can be attended by people all over the world. This is why Transcendent has taken the time to become one of NYC’s top live streaming companies. 

Our team utilizes SRT live streaming technology in order to optimize video streaming performance and streamline viewer experience. SRT is best because it works even when panelists have unreliable internet connection.

Live stream and hybrid video production are becoming industry standard.
Live stream and hybrid video production are becoming industry standard.

4 Reasons Businesses Use Hybrid Video Production

  • It’s Cost Effective
  • It Allows You to Include Anyone
  • It’s COVID-19 Safe
  • It Expands Your Company Reach

A huge benefit of live streaming is that all video production can be done from our office in midtown Manhattan. That’s what makes us a hybrid video production company. Some of the production happens in-house while the other portion happens online.

In order to make this happen, one side of our office becomes a green screen studio. This provides a professional environment for speakers to present or have conversations with other panelists. We utilize a multi-cam setup so we can dynamically capture presenters and keep viewers engaged.

Transcendent is a VMix video production company. VMix allows us to support as many panelists as needed while maintaining brand imagery. Customization can include choosing a professional back image, creating lower thirds for speakers, having multiple speakers on camera at once, and seamlessly transitioning between speakers and title cards.

Our team has produced dozens of these hybrid events for companies in Germany, Brazil, and beyond. Besides being easy and cost-effective, virtual video production can be fun! We have helped people give a fist bump from thousands of miles away. If your company is looking to expand their reach online, contact us today!

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