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live streaming a virtual funeral

How To Live Stream A Peaceful Virtual Funeral Service

Funerals are always a sad occasion that comes with a lot of grief for family and friends. It is overwhelming to coordinate the service and make sure everyone who wants to be there is available. Live streaming funeral services or hosting a virtual funeral is one way to alleviate stress and make sure everyone can attend.

Peacefully laid out 4 important steps to arranging a virtual funeral service. Transcendent Enterprise can help you and your family tackle each of these steps quickly and seamlessly.

YouTube can be a great platform to stream a virtual funeral

1. Create Your Tech Set-Up For Your Virtual Funeral

Virtual production companies like Transcendent can take you through the different parts of a live stream funeral service. These can include number of cameras, other media like photos or video, and the number of attendees. It is also helpful to consider what platform you want to use to stream your service.

2. Plan Out What You Want To Include In Your Service

Planning out what media you want to include in your service, as well as speakers and order of service are all important in planning your virtual funeral service. Many families want to include photos and videos of their lost loved one. They may also want some speakers to appear virtually. Using a VMix video production company like Transcendent allows you to switch between pre-recorded video and live speakers.

3. Inviting Loved Ones To Your Virtual Funeral

The easiest way to give your loved ones access to a virtual funeral service is by sending a live stream link. Links can be posted on social media or sent out in an email to friends and family. Passwords can also be added to links for more privacy.

4. Managing The Live Stream

Live streaming software has become more and more user friendly in the past couple years. However, there is always a chance that some attendees with have difficulties with technology. This is another reason why hiring a virtual video production company can be beneficial. When you hire a company like Transcendent, there is someone on the stream communicating with guests and speakers. A live stream manager can also mute attendees that may have a lot of background noise or ask speakers to adjust their microphone.

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