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How to Host A Virtual Graduation Ceremony in 2023

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual graduation ceremonies have become more common for high schools, universities, and other higher education institutions. To keep up with industry trends, Transcendent Enterprise has become a leader amongst virtual graduation companies in New York City. Our team is knows how to help administrators plan their school’s graduation ceremony from beginning to end. 

Hybrid Live Stream vs. Fully Virtual Graduation Ceremony

When it comes to planning a virtual graduation, there are two routes schools can take. The first is a hybrid live stream ceremony. Hybrid ceremonies are traditional graduations that are streamed online that can have virtual speakers or other multimedia elements. This option works well if most students and faculty can be there in person, but some family or staff are unable to travel.

Fully virtual ceremonies are becoming less common as we near the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, is it still good for school’s to be aware of virtual ceremonies so they can be prepared for unexpected circumstances. Virtual graduations take place completely online and are usually streamed on platforms like Zoom or Facebook so attendees can interact. Live stream production companies like Transcendent can level up virtual ceremonies by using programs like VMIX to maintain school branding and make transitions seamless.

Live streaming your virtual graduation in HD and 4K is possible on many platforms

It can be daunting for schools to plan their graduation considering how quickly live streaming software and technology has advanced. Hiring a professional virtual graduation company is the best way to make ceremonies as smooth as possible. However, here are 3 tips that anyone can use to improve their virtual graduation ceremony in 2023.

1. Choose The Best Streaming Platform For Your School’s Graduation Live Stream

There are dozens of different options for streaming your school’s graduation online. It is possible to live stream on multiple platforms at once, but it’s easiest to put time and effort into one stream to keep everything streamlined. Popular options for streaming virtual graduations in 2023 are YouTube and Zoom. 

The best way to choose a platform is to consider what you want to include in your school’s ceremony. Do you need closed captioning? Do you need to transition between live and virtual speakers? Are there pre-recorded videos or music that you want to play? Different platforms can accommodate different assets, so it’s important to consider what you want to do before planning and scheduling your live stream virtual graduation

2. Create Video Content For Your Virtual Graduation Ceremony

It can be challenging to include remote or unavailable students, faculty, and staff. One way to make them a part of the ceremony is to have them film pre-recorded videos that can be shown during the ceremony. Highlight reels and student performances are also other examples of video content that can be included to elevate virtual graduations and make them special for all attendees.

Your virtual graduation can feature in person and remote presentors

3. Look At What Has Made Other Virtual Graduations Successful

Virtual graduations have been going on since 2020. Some schools have live streamed their graduations even before that. This means there are lots of examples online of live streamed virtual graduation ceremonies. It can be helpful to search on YouTube for past examples. Additionally, other school’s ceremonies is a great way to find new ideas for your live stream graduation.

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