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How To Create Online Course Videos With A Professional Corporate Video Production Company In New York

At Transcendent Enterprise we are a video production company that specializes in producing online courses content in New York. Since 2010 we have seen firsthand how many of our clients have shifted to developing online courses for their audiences. One of our most notable clients is New York University. Our experienced team of videographers, editors, writers, and animators create and launch those courses so that the only thing our client has to focus on are other logistics.

As an online course content creator, we understand the barriers of virtual learning and the need or desire to interact face-to-face which is why we work to ensure that each course we create is a unique and engaging experience. The covid pandemic has placed a high demand for people with specialized information to create online course content. As a non video person who wants to create content for an online course, there are simple questions to ask yourself, “How will I organize my content?, How should I represent my online course content?, How will I film it?, How can I distribute the online course content and sell it? As an experienced video production company we can help with all of those items. Here is why.

We get in-depth knowledge of our client’s goal with their course, their style, brand, etc to ensure that what they see also speaks about who they are as an organization, company, brand, university or college.

For NYU we manage a series of courses across multiple NYU departments that feature influential industry professionals and professors who are leaders in their field. Our team edits and develops the branding of each video to match with the given content and our client’s brand. These courses were created to provide NYU undergraduate students a remote experience for Fall 2020. But although the sudden shift to remote learning is more prominent now due to COVID-19, online courses have been thriving for a long time.

The first step is to decide what you want to teach and ensure that it is in demand as that is what will intrigue people to tune in and keep them tuned in for the long run. You will then need to build a brand that speaks to your target audience which means you will need to decide who you are and what you stand for. The answer to those questions will not only help you decide how you are beneficial to your target audience but will help make your brand more personal and organic. Once your brand is developed building an audience will work smoothly as that is also your next step. You can build an audience through social sites, email campaigns, paid advertisements, word of mouth, etc. but the goal is to have an audience that is loyal and engaged because that’s what will help your course grow.

As your online course producer, we will handle the look and feel of your course but the goal of the course is what you have the great privilege of deciding. Not many entrepreneurs are able to build successful and sustainable businesses without a team of people to help them make it happen so as your online course video production company we are with you every step of the way.

When developing content for an online course the advantages of working with a production company is that we have over 15 years of experience. That experience comes with the appropriate equipment that can translate content over various mediums, it comes with understanding logistically how to organize the pipeline to create content quickly, and finally the most important of all, we failed plenty of times, so it comes with understanding the do nots in video production.

First of all you will be working with an online course producer, they have done this dozens of times. An online course producer can coach you, and make you focus on what an audience wants to really see.

Video Equipment for online course creation

Video production technology is changing a lot and so fast. We are on the scenes seeing what works well with clients and what doesn’t work well. Technically you can use your phone to create content. It is the most inexpensive way to make good looking content. The phone records shoot, edit and upload. The latest iPhone can shoot just sometimes even better than some professional camera on the market that costs thousands of dollars. Remember the latest iphone does cost 1500 – 2000 dollars. It has plenty of apps and tools that make it the bang for buck. I would advise anyone who is starting on a shoestring budget to use the phone. You can buy additional add ons like a tripod, microphone, and lightning to enhance the production of your phone. Watch these videos to see how you can enhance your cell phone video production: How to Improve the Quality of Your IG Live and How To Shoot Cinematic Video With A Smartphone

Meanwhile a corporate company cannot represent their brand using a phone. The phone has pitfalls. First pitfall is that sound capture is not the highest quality. If you use the cell microphone, further than 6 inches it is useless for a professional corporation. If you buy a mic, it improves the quality significantly, but you don’t have much control of the quality, the equalizer and dynamics to really have a rich audio experience. The ability to have that can save you in the audio room if there are errors. You can not monitor the audio quality accurately. You can record and hear something, then when you get in the editing room it can sound completely different.

Using the phone takes a lot of time, if you need an output really quickly the phone can not do it. Transcendent Enterprise equipment, the cameras, lighting, multiple teams to address your production needs can accommodate the speed, and attention to detail you online course content needs.

Another benefit with working with a professional company is understanding how to get your video online to look its best quality. We have the right software to encode your video to TV, online, and on mobile devices.

After the content is created, you can place it on a platform to distribute the content, everyone knows about content like Teachable and Thinkific. There are so many platforms that can cater to your needs. A corporation can have a team to build out the right infrastructure on their website. If you are in need of that as a corporation, we have recommendations as well to a team who can build an online learning platform for your website.

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