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How A Ipad Teleprompter Can Enhance Your Corporate Video

Depending on your video production needs and the type of video you are producing, a teleprompter can be a great asset in helping to make the progress on set run more smoothly. 

A teleprompter is a reading tool that consists of a screen or mirror and allows the talent to read a script while looking directly into the camera. The goal is to provide support and confidence to the talent. The talent doesn’t need to worry about memorizing the script and can focus on personality, professionalism, and consistent eye contact to engage their audience. 

At Transcendent Enterprise, we have seen first-hand the benefits of using a teleprompter and the ease it provides the talent and client. We have an iPad teleprompter which is light-weight and can be operated through an app on our iphone. We use the teleprompter+ 3 app.  We control the speed of the script for the talent and can make edits directly from our phone. We can change the background color and increase the size of the font.  Now while I mentioned some of the benefits, it is important to keep in mind the type of video you are producing and if it’s beneficial for your project.

With an Ipad Teleprompter there are many ways you can use besides having talent read a script. The Ipad can be a window where you can see the person on zoom. People really appreciate the ability to see the person on screen to interact with them. It keeps your production very natural.  It helps a lot with enhancing the remote experience. Also a tech operator can share their screen on zoom, and run the script virtually. This helps keep the crew personal numbers down to a minimum.

How a Ipad Teleprompter can enhance your Corporate Video



If you are delivering a message that’s filled with emotion and needs to inspire empathy such as a testimonial piece then maybe a teleprompter isn’t needed. However, if the message you are delivering is full of essential details where every word must be precise and the wording needs to be accurate and straight up, then the teleprompter is your best go-to. I would highly recommend that the talent knows the script roughly and rehearses rather than going in blindly because while the teleprompter displays the full script it shouldn’t appear as though you are reading it for the first time.

How a Ipad Teleprompter can enhance your Corporate Video

When working with our talent on set, we have him/her read through the script a few times to get familiar with it and work out any errors or mispronunciations. Once the talent feels comfortable we start to record them reading the script section by section. We encourage them to smile and use their hands to appear more natural. Once one section is read perfectly we cut and move to the next section. A secret is to have the talent read mid-screen, this helps pace the words. This approach allows us to have more good shots than bad ones because if we focus on reading the full script each time, then when any small error occurs, we will have to start from the beginning every time. We want the talent to be full of energy and not get burned out so reading section by section helps them to focus on perfecting one section at a time, breathe, and then start another. 

How a Ipad Teleprompter can enhance your Corporate Video

So if you have a video project that needs a teleprompter, be sure you hire the right crew that has experience using one on set in various settings. The ultimate goal is to keep the talent comfortable and avoid having him/her become a reading robot. On set we like to keep the text large and as far away as possible from the talent so we can avoid seeing their eyes move while reading. The key is to master patience and forgiveness because it’s not really as easy as it looks. If you can find a crew that has mastered that key element then you’ve found a gem and one who will make your project proceed effortlessly.

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