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Frequently Asked Questions About Live Streaming

If you’re looking for a new tactic to drive traffic to your business or create an impact on your audience, live streaming is the perfect solution. As this form of communication continues to grow in preference and users, its potential for your marketing is unlimited. However, when it comes to creating live streams, you may have a ton of questions but often find answers difficult to come by. To arm you with all the information you need to create engaging live streaming content, Transcendent Enterprise, has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about live streaming.

1. Can my live stream be edited into a highlight reel for marketing purposes?

Yes, in most cases, your camera crew will be recording and streaming your event simultaneously. This is great for safety as if the stream goes down, you will still have the content and also be able to do any editing if needed afterwards. The event can stream directly on your website, Facebook, or YouTube. Once it wraps up, the production crew can use the recorded content to create a highlight reel or whatever content you might require for your marketing purposes.

2. Do I need an internet connection to live stream?

A strong internet connection is highly recommended, but it is possible to conduct a live stream over a shared network, Wi-Fi, or 4G. While these options increase the likelihood of failing, depending on your upload speed, they may work fine in some cases. What is recommended for a successful live stream is a dedicated internet connection. You should be connected via Ethernet to a network that is not being used by any other system or device. Once you are connected, you should test the internet speed by downloading a speed test app on your phone. You want to have at least ten gigs up and ten gigs down, but you can do the bare minimum of three or two. Just know that it won’t be as reliable.

3. What platform can I use to stream my content?

There are many streaming platforms to choose from. Some of the most popular ones include YouTube, Facebook Live, Livestream, Periscope, USTREAM, Dacast, Brightcove, and Twitch.

4. How many cameras are needed to stream at my event?

The number of cameras you’ll need depends on the event. If the focus is only on a stage or if you have one speaker speaking at a time, then one camera can be used at a wide-angle to capture it fully. But if you want audience shots, close-ups of people talking (especially if it’s a panel discussion), or multiple focus angles, then two or more cameras are required. We would recommend having two or more cameras if you want to create a recap or a highlight reel of the event afterward so that the video looks more dynamic and engaging for your viewers.

5. Can you overlay title graphics and PowerPoint presentations onto the live stream?

Yes, we can overlay these onto your live stream. The production crew will need the title graphics and PowerPoint slides before the event to prepare to add them to the stream. For the title graphics or lower-thirds, the production crew can have them fade in and out or even match your color palette. For PowerPoint presentations, the crew can either do a wide shot of the slide, switch back and forth between the slide and presenter, or provide a side-by-side window in which both the presenter and slide are on the screen at the same time. It all depends on your style and vision. The production crew can show you examples to help you determine what works best for you.

6. What is the cost of a live stream?

Livestreams cost starts at 1200 at Transcendent Enterprise for a one camera live stream for a minimum of two hours.

7. What is the benefit of live streaming vs not live streaming?

The main benefit of live streaming is that you can interact with your audience. This gives the ability to answer questions in real-time to appeal to your customers’ needs. That can lead to a quick conversion of sales faster than any other method.

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