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Create A Virtual Graduation / Commencement 2022 During The COVID19 Time, What To Do? EXAMPLES!

Graduating season is here, and with COVID19 social distancing rules enforced how can you create a virtual commencement / graduation for your students?

As a professional that runs live streams I would advise that educational institutions create an edited graduation video, then stream it live so students can interact. 

Why not do it live as a zoom or as a virtual event?

Zoom is limited, and why set yourself for a risk. When you don’t have to. There isn’t any special activity that a person needs to correspond live with a viewer.

Creating a virtual graduation doesn’t have to be hard. You can basically collect speeches / keynotes , create videos to highlight the best part of the year and roll students names at the end. If you want to make it personal and intimate have student submit videos to add while credits are rolling.

See examples of Virtual Graduations here.

GVSU Class of 2020 Virtual Commencement Celebration (BEST EXAMPLE FOR SCHOOL BRAND)

Concordia Commencement in Portland

Boston University School of Medicine MD Class of 2020 Virtual Commencement

When you run your video as a live stream and families log on and watch, monitor comments from which platform you choose. Sometimes students can be very creative in their comments when it applies to it being family friendly. I would recommend youtube as a platform. It is a platform everyone is familiar with and very responsive to different computer, browsers, mobile phones, and tvs.

Look at the video as a tribute video, and when things turn back to normal hold the official graduation. 

If you are looking for more direction on how to create your virtual commencement 2020 video, Transcendent can help.

If we receive all the speeches and students’ names this can be done as fast 3 days. This depends on how long the video would be and graphic integration. It can cost as little as $1500, as we add bells and whistles the price can go up. 

If you are looking to create a live stream virtual graduation event we can help as well with this.

You will need to reach out regarding your needs for us to provide an accurate quote. 

Providing a live graduation you will need professional livestream software like wirecast, ecamm, (My recommendation) OBS (FREE), or streamyard. 

Remember creating a virtual graduation / commencement video represents your brand! If you want it to be done correctly make sure you have a professional.

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