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Conferences 2022: Hosting An In Person Conference With Virtual Panelist.

Despite feeling as such, it wasn’t too long ago that people held conferences in large venues where hundreds of people would gather around to hear various people speak and answer questions. In order to have an event like this take place, someone would need to scout for locations, provide food, and most importantly: find potential panelists to participate in said event. With most conferences and other events being held virtually, it is even easier to invite others to speak on behalf of your company or organization. It is also important to understand the effect having these speakers can have on the success of your event.

Conferences 2022: Hosting An In Person Conference With Virtual Panelist.

At live events, everyone is based in one set location. This right off the bat may lead to the exclusion of some potential panelists speaking at the event. Unless you, or they themselves, are willing to pay for travel and hotel fare, it is most likely those who live in the nearby area who will be attending the event. Depending on how large an organization you are, this can harshly cut the speaker options you have to work with (as well as the number of attendees). By hosting an in-person conference with a virtual panelist you can have any number of speakers available from all around the world. This can lead to attendees interacting with leaders, managers, or speakers throughout the organization that they may never get a chance to network with normally.

Conferences 2022: Hosting An In Person Conference With Virtual Panelist.

This increase in potential panelists can also improve attendee participation. It is more likely that a person will ask questions or answer polls when speaking with someone they’ve never interacted with before, especially someone higher up in a company or who is too busy to travel across the country. Live events also have the added benefit of being recorded, so it can be uploaded and watched after the event is over. It has the ability to be reached by thousands of people, who may have never heard of you in the first place, and can lead to a larger audience for future events.

These potential new speakers can also lead to more interesting seminars. Having unique speakers can lead to discussions with multiple perspectives, good anecdotes, better problem solving, and demonstration in different techniques. The flexibility in time and location allows you to seek out higher quality speakers and offer them a schedule that is more convenient for them, something they may not have been able to do at an in-person event.

It is crucial that for events such as these, you hire a professional crew that can take care of the technical aspects of the event. An experienced company, such as ourselves, Transcendent Enterprise, will be able to set up the space of the event, enabling you to have rehearsals, check internet speed quality, and fix any hiccups in the process before the main event. The panelists and clients should see a feed of the event playing as if it is an edited video. They hear and see the camera as if they were there in a viewer link in zoom, but there will be the option to have power points, videos, and graphic movement as they are speaking. This company should also be coordinating the audio and AV equipment to set up the virtual panelists on screen, so that their sound is clear and in sync with the picture.

Conferences 2022: Hosting An In Person Conference With Virtual Panelist.

It is important to bring outside voices into these conversations to give viewers something to look forward to. Having a good panelist can lead to in depth conversations and excellent attendee feedback, while costing barely half as much as it would to hold an in-person event. Broaden your organization’s horizons, and find new ways to keep audiences engaged!

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