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    2 min read

    BAMBUSER REVIEW: Why Should You Know About The Bambuser App If You Have A Product Based Business.

    Bambuser App: The Future of Online Shopping With live streamed events rising in popularity throughout the past year, some have to ask: how can companies who may not traditionally use…

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    Conferences 2022: Hosting An In Person Conference With Virtual Panelist.

    Despite feeling as such, it wasn’t too long ago that people held conferences in large venues where hundreds of people would gather around to hear various people speak and answer…

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    The Advantages Of Hiring A Crew Who Owns Their Own Equipment

    Now that many companies are hiring outside groups to assist filming at shoots on location, they have to take into consideration what group would be best suited to their needs….

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    How To Set Up Closed Captioning On Live Videos

    Everything you need to know about Closed Captioning and ASL Interpreted for Live Stream Events Closed captioning is a perfect way to allow your videos to become more accessible to…

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    How A Ipad Teleprompter Can Enhance Your Corporate Video

    Depending on your video production needs and the type of video you are producing, a teleprompter can be a great asset in helping to make the progress on set run…

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    How To Create A Successful Virtual Booth

    As virtual conferences become more popular, companies are encouraged to participate and join in these events by setting up Virtual Booths to promote their services and reach out to more…

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    How To Create Online Course Videos With A Professional Corporate Video Production Company In New York

    At Transcendent Enterprise we are a video production company that specializes in producing online courses content in New York. Since 2010 we have seen firsthand how many of our clients…

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