How This New Trend In Video Production Could Help You

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The video production industry is continually changing, and companies need to learn how to adapt to new technological trends if they want to stay relevant. Consequently, vertical videos is the latest trend causing leading brands to shift to a vertical format for editing and sharing videos.

Previously, the editing resources were not in place to render this format unless the content got filmed vertically or an editor worked their magic. However, today, with the introduction of editing apps and tools like Premiere Pro, it’s possible to auto-resize a video to your chosen dimensions.

Brands can take advantage of this trend by opting to re-purpose longer-form videos into smaller bites and sharing them on social media in the vertical format. It will help to not only grow their online presence but also reach a wider audience, which is extremely beneficial for marketers.

The benefit of vertical videos is that they will fill your entire phone screen, which reduces distractions and provides a one-point focus for the audience. The format is also easier to upload on social media, especially on your stories, IGTV, and social ads.

A recent social ads study found that adverts recorded a ninety percent completion rate when presented as vertical videos. The same research found that fewer than thirty percent of users will turn their phone sideways to view a horizontal ad, and even when they do so, they will watch around fourteen percent of it.

However, it’s vital to realize that vertical videos will become uncomfortable to view for a prolonged period. It’s why movies and television shows get created for horizontal viewing.

Vertical videos can also be too restrictive, as it limits the way videographers can compose a shot. Besides, if you do not have experience filming in this format, it can take time to set up the production, which can be frustrating when you have timelines to meet.

So, whether you choose to make a vertical video depends on the content you need to create. If you want a video to share on social platforms and it’s relatively short, then the vertical format is perfect.

However, if your video is long and will get shared on your website or sites that don’t support vertical videos, then this format should be avoided. The main reason is that the video will have black bars which don’t look appealing, especially on the computer or television.

On a final note, since most vertical videos get viewed on mobile devices, it would make sense to add captions as some of your audience would consume it with the sound off. For more handy tips, or if you are planning to shoot a vertical video, contact us today.

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