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BAMBUSER REVIEW: Why Should You Know About The Bambuser App If You Have A Product Based Business.

Bambuser App: The Future of Online Shopping

With live streamed events rising in popularity throughout the past year, some have to ask: how can companies who may not traditionally use digital media take advantage of this new trend? One company, Bambuser, has answered this question.

What is Bambuser?

Bambuser uses live streaming technology to advertise for clothing companies by allowing viewers to virtually shop and browse through an “in person” catalogue, rather than 2D images. This is a great invention for the fashion industry.

Corporate Video NYC

BTS of Lanvin Bambuser Online Shopping at NYC

Real Life Example of Bambuser

Transcendent Enterprise performed a live stream for Lanvin clothing company. Its clothing for wealthy skater adults giving them a premium look and feel with their brand. This 2 camera live stream was filmed vertically with flipping our Sony a7S III and Sony PXW-FX9K XDCAM 6K Full-Frame by using Vertical Camera Bracket — Wooden Camera

Corporate Video NYC

Vertical Camera Example

Bambusers Features

As a viewer, you are able to interact with the footage in a similar way to Instagram Live: sending hearts, adding comments, and having access to links that bring them to the company’s website. This also allows people to purchase items they see as it appears on screen, without ever leaving the live stream. The company alone has full control of the data, so viewers can access their website and purchase items knowing that transactions can be made safely and securely through the app.

WATCH: Viewer Can click link during bambuser live stream and buy product that they see on model

Another useful feature of the live chat is that you can ask questions as you go, and get answers almost immediately from the people hosting the event. You can see the clothes being worn in real time, on a real person, rather than in a potentially edited photo, and can ask in depth questions about the style, shape, and overall fit on a moving body.

Corporate Video NYC

BACKEND: Bambuser Backend, easy just set up before show click live while show is going on

As the host of an event, you have access to the analytics of your stream to get reports on the engagement during the event and the sales you’ve made, while also finding out what worked best to attract your audience to the stream.

The site is easy to customize, so you are able to match the font, logos, graphics, or colors of the event to that of your company, which can help you stand out from other live streamed events. It helps keep you looking on brand, and easily advertisable.

Corporate Video NYC

A fun feature of this site is that even after the live stream is over, viewers can go back, rewatch the stream, and purchase the items that were demonstrated. Which also means that you can download the video and re-use it for advertising purposes in the future, whether that be for the products overall or in preparation for another Bambuser event.

Another unique feature of this site is the One-to-One option. Rather than selling products to multiple people at once, a customer can book a chat with one sales advisor, who works with them individually to pitch products, and do comparison checks on similar brands. It allows the customer to have a closer connection with your company, while going through each item with them and finding out what will work best for them. The goal of the One-to-One feature is to create brand loyal, repeat customers, rather than quick consumers who are here and gone again.

Bambuser Award Winning Software

Bambuser is a great new site that is utilizing the intrigue in live stream videos to their advantage, and gives shopping virtually a whole new meaning. It could be the future of online shopping as we know it, and more companies are taking advantage of it to stay ahead of the curve.

To learn more about Bambuser and inquire about having it set up for you, contact us here.

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