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7 Powerful Social Media Video Tips to Improve in 2023

A lot has also changed in the video marketing landscape. One of the bigger changes has been the heavy emphasis on social media video. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are essential for businesses that want to reach a bigger audience. Promotional video and marketing video also needs to be adapted to succeed on a social media platform.

One guaranteed way to create viral social media content is to hire a promotional video company. Transcendent Enterprise is a video production company in New York City that creates high quality social media video. Single Grain outlined some of the tactics our team uses to keep up with industry trends.

1. Promote on TikTok

TikTok’s algorithm makes it easy for new people to find your company’s videos. It is also one of the fastest growing social media platforms with over 690 million users. Cutting down longer promo videos into 15-30 second clips creates fun and engaging content that increases engagement.

2. Host Online Events

Since 2020, the popularity of online events and virtual conferences has skyrocketed. These can range from smaller Instagram Live streams to full professional webinars using programs like VMix. As a VMix video production company, Transcendent is able to create fully branded professional online events that seamlessly integrates live speakers and pre-recorded content.

Social media video can be used to promote these events as well as share highlights afterwards. This transforms passive engagement to live and (almost) in-person connection with your customers.

3. Make Social Media Video Shoppable

Annotations in video are nothing new, however updates to certain platforms have made them even more useful. On apps like Instagram and YouTube, you can add shoppable links to different sections of the video. Whether you’re showing off a new product or advertising an upcoming event, customers are able to click and buy in 10 seconds or less.

Want to learn more about how to optimize your social marketing content? Read the rest of the tips here. And if you want even more help going viral, reach out to Transcendent to start creating high quality professional content.

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