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Build Trust in Your Brand: 3 Ways to Use Testimonials to Kick-Start Your Business

Testimonial-style videos are a versatile and easy way to get information to your audience while putting personality at the forefront. And they can be used for more than client reviews! As corporate videographers in NYC, we are always looking for innovative ways to upgrade our testimonial video production and connect businesses with clients. Here are three unique ways you can utilize these videos (including examples for testimonial):

1. Make a personal connection with the audience. 

In the ever-shifting corporate world, companies are always making changes to how they manage their business and their client experience. Getting information from a person, rather than a text-based video, allows clients to fully engage with the people representing your company. 

2. Introduce an important figure. 

Your business is always shifting and expanding, and the people in your business expand along with it. Testimonials allow your employees or clients to virtually meet new hires or position changes, and get an idea of what they’re doing for your company. In this video, created alongside New York University, we got to know one of the Associate Professors of NYU 

3. Let your clients speak for you! 

Who knows how well your company works better than your clients? Filming client testimonials gives potential customers a concrete idea of the kind of work you can do for them. This type of testimonial is especially useful for non-profits and other person-based organizations.

Any of these sound like you? Then reach out to our team and take advantage of our testimonial video services. 

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